Modern consumers have most of the power in their hands while competition comes from all the angles and directions. Competing on price or availability is rarely profitable as a long term business strategy. With so many competitors in the markets the best thing is to focus on lasting, positive image of your business. We help organisations create such image by creating bespoke concepts while delivering unique digital branding ideas and strategies.

Business image & credibility

Digital branding & communications

Corporate identity design

Website design & development

Social media content

Why is image and credibility important?

Brands, like individuals, are based on behaviors and characteristics. The stronger the characteristics, the stronger the image. In the world of business good image and reputation is crucial. If you serve your customers excellently, they'll remember you and come back. Whether it's prestige, safety or price, integrated communication always matters.

Digital branding & integrated communication

Our strategic approach to digital branding ensures we deliver only the most appropriate concept for your business. What is your brand promise? More importantly, do your customers know it? We will define your personality and character. The more defined the character, the more memorable the brand.

digital branding

Digital branding & identity

Not just a name or a colour

Although we love to play around with corporate identities, the idea that a brand is a name or a colour is in fact just a tiny fraction of what a brand actually is. Great definition of a brand could be interpreted as a 'promise delivered'. And you must deliver on that promise every single time. We help you define what that promise is and design your company image around it. Corporate identity included.

website design

Website design & development

User and mobile friendly websites

What is credible website and why is it important? It is a website that is 'trustworthy and knowledgeable' furthermore user friendly and well-crafted. Simply put it is a website with high volume of return traffic. Your website is often the first point of contact for your customers, responsible for first impressions and of course sources of revenue. By building user and mobile friendly websites we empower our clients with a strategic advantage over competition.

social media

Social media credibility

Content and graphics matter

The universal law states that the content is king. We help companies improve their social media credibility by creating great, insightful and authentic content including infographics, photos and videos to consolidate their influence across target audiences and gain attention. Furthermore we integrate your social media content with all of your digital marketing collateral as per your digital strategy. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, all under one roof.

What our clients say

Martin Grey have been brilliant throughout our entire engagement. Clearly understood our strict requirements in regards to the financial industry, have delivered on time and to budget. The great looking website and other marketing collateral already helped us take the business to the next level.

Managing Director, JNF Capital

We started to work with Martin Grey a couple of months ago as we needed a fresh new looking updated website with a new logo. Martin met with me to discuss our needs and was very attentive and patience. Martin got to know the ethos and values of the company to ensure that this was reflected in the message that I was trying to project. Martin was very professional, patient and was in constant contact with me during the process and continues to provide ongoing digital marketing support to the company. I have been very impressed with the turnaround timescales, the quality of the work that he has provided and would highly recommend his services to other businesses. Thank you for making the transition an easy process and i have been very pleased with the new look of the company!!

Managing Director, The Green Elf ECC Ltd

We hired Martin Grey in order to relaunch our company branding, revamp our website, further develop our business image and increase exposure. The process started with thorough analysis revealing some to us shocking facts about our previous provider and the quality of service we were getting. The initial development work was smooth, on time and on budget. We continue to work with Martin on an on-going basis and are very impressed with the impact the changes had on our business.

Director, Reward Van Hire