One of the well-established, City of London based forex firm JNFX asked us to take over their digital agendas, design a digital marketing mix that would address the business needs and look after their account.

Business website redesign

Business website is the corner stone of JNFX's online strategy. That's why we developed the new one according to the highest standards reflecting financial industry requirements.


Corporate identity redesign

First of all we were tasked to redesign JNFX’s corporate identity and bring JNFX's branding to the next level. That included corporate colours, fonts, icon, business logo, email signatures and logo animation.





Other digital marketing services

Content management system

Consequently we were asked to implement a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow the team at JNFX for publishing, editing and modifying of the content on the website.

Websites localisation

Impact of globalisation is not being underestimated at JNFX, that’s why we were assigned a task to enhance the main business website and implement multilingual support.

Online security management

Financial world is high velocity environment with a need for advanced security. As a part of our service we manage JNFX's security certificates.

Online marketing consulting

Throughout the time of our engagement, we provide the team at JNFX with their dedicated online marketing consultant always ready to answer the phone or email and provide appropriate advice.

Virtual Private Server

Deployment of multiple systems and campaigns required rock solid technical background. That’s why we decided to provide JNFX with a Virtual Private Server in order to maintain high level performance as well as scalability for future growth.

Technical Support

Virtual Private Server is sophisticated machine that’s why we were asked to make sure that everything is running smoothly and business continuity is well taken care of.

In order to support JNFX’s office team with specialist support and help as well as maintenance/updates/upgrades of JNFX’s websites we were approach with a demand for website support agreement.