Content marketing as a way of targeting your audience can be very effective when done right. But to attract attention and generate leads, it takes a bit more than just creating, publishing and distributing content. If you are a business currently operating within the financial vertical, be it accountants, solicitors or financial advisers, we have put tugether a list of content marketing tips you can use to expand your customer base and increase online sales.

1. Identify and define your target audience first

Align the content with your brand but also with your audience rather than customers. What kind of content does it take to turn visitor into customer?

2. Consistency is key to success

Consistent approach to styles and formatting across all channels is key to ensuring high credibility and conversion rates.

3. Systematically reuse content across social media platforms

Create articles but use the content across other platforms too, create YouTube videos, series of tweets, infographics, facebook posts, live streams, medium posts, instagram stories and more.

4. Leverage long-lasting content

Articles containing useful tips have longer shelf life than news and similar, create e.g. tools to make life easier, great meta tags examples, effective webform design, crucial web design trends.

5. Reap benefits of content gap analysis

Use all available tools to identify terms, competition and the scale of challenges, consider volume of searches, use Google Keyword Planner, brainstorm article ideas outbound the identified opportunities.

6. Aim for quality and learn from others

Learn from those who are ahead, plenty of content campaigns out the to learn from, but only the beat quality has the potential to stand out, if you want results, do things differently.

7. Be original and don't rely on news

Avoid reblogging and rewriting of press releases and white papers, be original, use your own voice and your opinions, there's nothing wrong with reporting but you need to go further.

8. Readable content and SEO

Readers can be deterred if an article is badly formatted, large paragraphs, no formatting, no images is just enough for the visitor to bounce, think about SEO and how to use it to gain more traffic, use Google Analytics.

9. It's about quality and longer form

Aim for quality rather then quantity, users either want short form content easy to digest, or dive into details and spend some time on it, avoid 500 to 800 word count.

10. Optimise, measure and learn

Use Google Analytics for custom reports, dashboards and article performance tracking, optimise for important keywords and social channels, refresh older content to rank better and get new social shares.

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