Winning is why we wake up, why we do what we do. We breath to help you discover new areas of opportunity using strategies specifically designed and tested to help you find the shortest possible path to your big win so that you can change the world.

Why us

At Martin Grey Digital we empower ambitious organisations with revenue-driven digital marketing services focused  mainly on credibility, visibility and automation. We do this by finding the shortest possible route in order to translate your goals into measurable results, deploying the right technology at the right time.

Here is why we are different, what additional ingrediences we add to the mix.


Sales are the lifeblood of every company and everything we do is with your revenue stream in mind. We deliver revenue-driven marketing.


We deliver a clear and simple strategy built to get you results fast. We find the shortest possible route to your win.


Aligning and automating your processes, we always aim to reduce operational costs and simplify the way you do business.

Martin Grey Digital as a digital marketing agency was founded based on a belief that in order to change the world one has to win big. That without winning, there is very little one can do. And that is why we exist. We believe that you deserve to win big if you dare to. And we are the one agency that will do everything in our power to get you across the goal line.

Martin, Managing Director

Our mission

Our mission is to keep helping people see new innovative ways to acquire new business, by implementing revenue-driven strategies and technology that delivers results in the shortest possible time frame while reducing costs and simplifying the way organisations do business.

Our vision

Our vision is what drives us to do everything possible to empower those who dare to act today in order to win big and change the world for the better in the near future.

Our believes

Here are some of our core beliefs about sales, marketing and advertising, so you can see if we are a match.

  • Winning is everything that matters
    Winning is why we wake up, why we push, why we fight. We live to help you win big so that you can change the world for the better.
  • The only purpose of digital marketing is to sell
    We are not in the game for them awards or to look impressive. We simply love to see your business generate revenue and grow fast.
  • We believe in selling with integrity
    We do not cut corners or mislead customers. Never. 
  • We specialise in building revenue-driven marketing engines
    Rapid conversion, acquisition and retention. We love to engineer your marketing processes to maximise profit and simplify the way you do business.
  • We are with you for the long-haul
    Great marketing is an investment in your business. We work with clients who understand that it takes a few months to take off and then fly high in the years to come.